USB and CD

CD-ROMS Are you looking for an alternative to the bulky conference binder?

Need ways to green your conference materials? We offer the highest quality duplication services available with a wide variety of options to meet any need or budget. We strive to maintain excellent working relationships with our clients.

We offer several value added services to make the disc duplication process go quickly and smoothly. These include our dedicated web server where clients can submit data for duplication and view label proofs online. As a media production company, we are one of the only duplicators who can offer disc proofing prior to production. During this process we check the disc contents for errors BEFORE the discs are copied. Our full line of services allows us to offer a complete duplication solution with turnaround times as low as 24 hours.

Flash USB Drive

We offer a variety of products and services ranging from complete custom USB drives to logo-printed regular USB flash drives that are printed and packaged for your specific needs!

Data loading (With below functions for option)

Unique Drive Icon

We can transform your default icon into a standout image for quick user identification and enhanced appeal.


Data locking requires the drives to be partitioned into two parts. One part can be used like a normal flash drive, another shows on the computer as a CD-Rom drive and contains the locked data which cannot be deleted or edited.

Password protection

We can also password lock the entire USB drive without any pre-loaded data. This way, the user can set their own password when they first receive the drive and secure their own data with a password of their choosing.

Logo Imprint Service

Silk Screen Printing

Available for almost all of our products. It is the most popular printing method. It can be done in single or multiple colors.

Laser Engraving

Available for all models with a metal surface. Different metal will yield different results. The engraved logo can resist scratching.

Embossed logo

Available for leather models only, and it is only one color design.

Epoxy Dome (Full color logo printing available)

Available on all DOMED USBs. It is a digital printing with resin cover. Logos with gradients and shades are possible.

Pantone match

We can do pantone match body color and logo printing on most of our products.